Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, C.V. Bintang Mas Utama (BMU) was incorporated in 2001 and over the years has become a leading distributor of mechanical, electrical, and factory automation from Japan, Europe, America, and Australia. We supply most industrial spare parts such as Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Mechanical Actuator, Electric motor, Electric Sensor, Pressure Gauge, Clutch Brake, PLC, MCCB, Contractor, Regulator, Capacitor, etc.

We have the commitment to excellence, the desire to grow, and a passion for involvement. That is why we dedicate ourselves to become partners with our customers by working closely with their engineering, purchasing, and corporate departments, where we utilize our experience and network of world class franchised suppliers to come up with products and solutions that are the perfect fit for their specific application and business model. You will find a talented client-focused office that emphasizes on teamwork to get each project done successfully.

We believe our client’s satisfaction determines our present and future success. We can help with sourcing to help you acquire hard to find parts based on your specifications while consistently offer the best possible products, while saving time and reducing costs. Behind all of these great services is our online system which will help you manage quotes as well as place and track your orders.